The small print

Company Information

GOEX is a trading name of GOEX Worldwide LIMITED.

International House

Company Number: 11126362

Reserved Rights

All rights relating to GOEX products and services are reserved. You cannot reproduce our work or the concept behind our work without our explicit written permission.

GOEX is a registered trademark number: UK00003320383 and UK00003309431

Design rights to our apps and other digital and non-digital products are protected:

Copyright to all our published materials in all forms is reserved.


All contracts are entered into with GOEX Worldwide LIMITED, International House, LONDON EC1A 2BU and are subject to English law. This applies regardless of where in the world the contract was agreed or the location of the works conducted.

Our other global offices are not competent authorities for contracting.


We never name our clients or discuss the work we undertake on their behalf.

We do not monitor how you use our services. We do not collect data on how you interact with our website or our apps. We do not have any relationship with third parties.

The data you enter when setting up the GOEX app is stored solely on your device. We never see it. Nor does anyone else.

If you set up the GOEX International SOS service we will only see the data you enter if (i) you choose to include our Global Operations Centre in your list of contacts and (ii) you activate an emergency assistance request. Upon receipt of an emergency assistance request, and your data therein, we will either (i) securely delete your data within 24hrs having taken no action or (ii) process your data solely in order to produce you support. This includes passing your personal data to any persons or entity we consider appropriate in order to support you which might include the police, security, intelligence and military services of any country we consider appropriate and other third parties as applicable. We will store your data only for as long as it is necessary to provide support. We are not responsible for the data storage policies of third parties.

International SOS

Our digital International SOS is a free service included in all versions of our apps. You will never pay GOEX to acquire or use International SOS and as such you have no contract with GOEX whatsoever in regards to our International SOS service regardless of whether it was included as a free service in a free or paid version of our apps.

You should never rely on International SOS as your sole source of summoning emergency support. International SOS may fail as a result of:

- App failure including inherent design flaws
- Network coverage
- Network type
- Network costs and funds
- Device failure
- User error

GOEX is not responsible for the failure of the International SOS service regardless of how that failure occurred.

GOEX is not responsible should International SOS provide false, inaccurate or misleading information.

GOEX will not charge you for using the service, but your network provider might. Including the GOEX Global Operations Room in your list of recipients might increase your network provider costs.

Proof that a message has been sent via International SOS is not proof that it has been delivered to any or all of the recipients.

The only persons or entities responsible for taking action on receipt of an International SOS assistance request are your emergency contacts. GOEX has no responsibility whatsoever to assist you. However, we might under certain circumstances opt to provide support in keeping with our privacy policy above.